Mass Damper RTR-4 (Super II Chassis)
Mass Damper RTR-4 (Super II Chassis)
Mass Damper RTR-4 (Super II Chassis)
Mass Damper RTR-4 (Super II Chassis)
Mass Damper RTR-4 (Super II Chassis)
Mass Damper RTR-4 (Super II Chassis)
Mass Damper

Mass Damper RTR-4 (Super II Chassis)

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Mass Damper Ready To Race (RTR) Mini 4WD cars are premium offerings that are custom built, painted and sticker tuned by "Mass Damper-san" himself. These ready to race cars are created out of brand new, 100% genuine Tamiya parts. Just add batteries and go! Not many are being offered so when one is made available for sale, it's a good idea to jump on it.

Mass Damper RTR-4 Specs

- Super II Polycarbonate ABS Chassis

Painted & Decaled Body
- Custom Mass Damper Version Big Wig (ABS)

- Torque Tuned 2 (cleaned and lubed but not broken-in, included but not shown in the images)

- 4.2:1 Gear Ratio
GP111 Round Hole Ball Bearing in Counter Gear

Wheel & Chassis Modifications:
- Super Hard Tires
- 72mm Shafts, inspected for straightness 
- Properly Pierced and Spaced Wheels
- GP111 Round Hole Hub Bearings

Rollers, Dampers & Stays
- Carbon Stays and Plates in Front and Rear
- 2 Front 12/13mm Double Aluminum Ball Bearing Rollers 
- 4 Rear HG 19mm Aluminum Ball Bearing Ringless Rollers
- FRP Mass Dampers with Side Plates
- Mini 4WD EX Side Stay
- Bowl-type Mass Dampers on Side
- Ball Link Mass Damper (Square) in Rear

Other Accessories
- Lock Nuts Equipped
- Counter Sunk Screws Equipped
- Black Spacers Equipped
- Black Front Under Guard

Also Included
- Mass Damper Sticker & Decal Package

Please note:
Track layouts and conditions along with local rules and regulations will affect how RTR cars run. RTRs are carefully inspected for proper operation before they are shipped. We assume the racer has knowledge on proper tuning, brake set up, component break-in and lubrication procedures to properly race our RTRs. If further assistance is required, seek help from knowledgeable staff at your local track. No liabilities and warranties are offered. Not affiliated or endorsed by Tamiya. Thanks for reading all of this.